E-commerce, Electronic trade, ordinarily known as E-business or e-commerce, is exchanging items or administrations utilizing machine systems, for example, the Internet. Electronic business draws on innovations, for example, versatile trade, electronic stores exchange, store network administration, Internet showcasing, online transaction handling, electronic information trade (EDI), stock administration frameworks, e-commerce websites and mechanized information gathering frameworks.

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A question many ask, what is the website? The purpose of the question is multiple, such as the desire to create a website to conduct their own business through it, or just for knowledge and understanding
If you want to create an

e-commerce website, Soft TSP is one of the leading companies in this field that you can trust

 What is the website?
In English, it is called the web site, as it consists of a group of pages from the web site that are different but linked at the same time, and all these pages are under the umbrella of the main central site, which are shared in one domain and domain name.

Where you can easily access it through the main website, in addition to that all web pages and the website are available to all audiences around the world and this is by writing only the website address of the web browser
There are approximately 1.8 billion websites on the Internet, and this is according to the latest statistics for the number of websites, and there is a continuous increase in numbers.

But not all of these numbers are used by the sites, or more precisely, the number of visits to them is large, but they remain present and guaranteed by their hosting company

Therefore, there are many and many stages that the Soft TSP company undertakes to make these sites appear more to visitors, which increases the number of visits to the site. When creating a website, 

It is necessary that the site undergo several stages of appearance, such as:
The idea first: At this stage, the user first decides to create a website, and this is an individual website or a website for a commercial activity such as a company, government website, or institution

Then the design stage: in this stage there is a discussion between the user and the Soft TSP company until the idea appears fully and comprehensively,

so that the company then creates and outlines the development and creation of the vision for the site, after which we lay the foundations of the site where the most skilled professional designers in the field of web design work on designing websites

And then comes the development phase: after that we work on developing the site in our company through professional developers to do the full programming of the site through which the site’s properties are created with its own software features as they do not appear in the form, but they are very important in terms of the site’s performance in general and this is one of In order to achieve the goals for which the website was created

Then comes the hosting stage: this stage is before the last stage, during which an agreement is made with a company to host the site, and details such as packages and capacity suitable for the site are chosen, and a plan for annual prices is chosen, 

In addition to choosing the domain name, which is the website address of the site
Launching stage: During this stage, the site is completely ready
But this is not always what is followed in the creation of the website, as it is one of the professional methods that Soft TSP follows, unlike many companies that follow the easiest and fastest methods, which unfortunately are completely wrong, which affects the site negatively in the future.

Online store

The online store or e-commerce tool is simply a platform for the purpose of selling goods and providing services or information, and many have gone to this direction by creating e-commerce websites and using it as a means.

Since this field has witnessed a significant boom during the last period, as electronic catalogs have become more developed and easier to reach for many users, which made many investors turn to it as an important means at the present time to reach its current and potential customers.

This is what Soft TSP is based on achieving for its customers, as it is one of the best companies that can create a professional website that attracts many customers to it, in addition to providing the company’s services in terms of support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

During the past ten years,

The e-commerce movement has flourished greatly, especially the creation of websites and their use in various commercial activities.


The importance of online stores

e-commerce 1
e-commerce 1

It is not expected that electronic stores will work on specific commercial activities or services, but on the contrary, all commercial activities also services are commensurate with the service of electronic stores, but the difference is in the shape and design of the online store.

This is what Soft TSP cares about when designing and creating the online store, as it takes very good care of the need for it to be well in line with the nature of its activity.

Advantages of online stores

e-commerce 3
e-commerce 3

During the recent period, many have gone to the establishment of electronic stores and through them to provide services and goods, and its most important features are:
It saves you a lot of effort and also time, as it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and never stops, and this is what cannot be achieved through stores and shops on the ground.

Different payment methods, the nature of the online store is the ability to provide a large number of different payment methods such as credit card, and the customer can also pay upon receipt.

Also, the provision of service does not stop in one area, but you can control the provision of your services, as you can reach all parts of the world if you want to.

It is easy to reach the customer, and this is what makes customers prefer to buy and use electronic stores as a better and easier way.

The ability to know the opinions of consumer customers, through which a large number of customers are attracted when seeing positive opinions about the products or service that you provide, as it helps a lot to create more confidence and this helps attract customers to you if they doubt or are not confident in the product and service that you provide submit it.

The ability to always anticipate customer needs, and this is based on statistics that you can study through the online store or

e-commerce , such as the customer’s purchase history in the store, in addition to artificial intelligence, through which information is displayed.

e-commerce 4
e-commerce 4


Simple Setup

Rapidly and effortlessly exhibit your items on the web. Furnish your clients with different secure installment and delivery choices

Item Range

Indeed the most broad scope of items can undoubtedly be displayed and oversaw.

Website streamlining

The SEO Dashboard helps you to improve your site for web crawlers, enhancing your situating in the query items.

Facebook Store

You can likewise show your store on Facebook, with programmed synchronization capacities.

Downloadable Products

Offer downloadable items, for example, ebooks, programming or music.


Exploit sagacious cross-offering gimmicks, permitting your store to present suitable fusions or supplements to your clients' buys.


Set up your store in up to 15 dialects, and offer your items with global installment and delivery alternatives.